Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 16. 2013. Finished. Moving On.

today was a monumental day for me personally. for year i've given everything i have in me to chase a dream. i've sold literally everything i own, left my family, friends and past relationships behind. i've missed weddings, births, deaths, parties, birthdays and graduations. i've suffered blisters, broken fingers, and bloody 'everything'. i've given this dream all i have. and i'll continue to do so... but today was a huge step towards that dream. today i finished laying the drum tracks on the new Pop Evil album.
this is the first place i met with the band after "joining". today is a huge step in making my presence felt and known in this band. i never really felt not a part, but this takes my love and dedication to a whole new level. i'll be able to walk into Best Buys, etc, and look and see an album there that i played on. i made noise, wrote and worked HARD on. it's a huge feeling of accomplishment for me.
being in a band, especially a touring band, is NOT easy. on top of all the stuff i have previously mentioned, we have to get along haha. imagine having 10 people living in your house. now make your house the size of a school bus. now take away the privacy of your own room. take away ALL privacy. now spend 300+ days a year in that home. that's what we do... and i love it. this is my dream. and i will not stop until i've reached my goal(s), and when i do, i'll already have new ones set and be in stride chasing them. i'll never quit, i'll never give up. today is one big step in accomplishing a large part of my goal(s). life is great. Laugh, Learn, Love, and LIVE. don't ever EVER give up.


  1. Awesome Chachi! You're a great guy. You will go far. Don't lose sight of who you are. Can't wait to see y'all again.

  2. Thank you for all your sacrifices to bring us joy! The 3 shows we have gotten to see you play have been some of the best nights my wife and I have had! So happy for you that all your sacrifices and hard work are paying off! You are a true inspiration!