Thursday, January 31, 2013

01/31/13 helping hands

last night i went out with some old friends and some new acquaintances. they, like myself, are aspiring musicians. chasing a dream down a long, emotional and seemingly impossible path. they expressed their desire to play music, embrace their camaraderie and have fun, over making large sums of money. this is a great attitude to have, because if you're getting into the business for money or ego padding, you won't last long. this meeting brought about some really interesting Q&A, as well as realizations on my part. this said band and i have known each other for a quite some time now, it would have been easy for them to just ask me to "do this" for them. (although i would have probably said no because it doesn't work like that. even if i wanted it to.) instead, we all sat down over a beer and they asked, how do WE do this*? how do we do that? they didn't ask for favors or handouts, they asked for knowledge and advice. it's very much like the old saying: "give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." everyone seems to have forgotten this. bands constantly want this and ask for this and want me to do this... i'm not a fanbase. i'm not something special. i've spent my life preparing for this opportunity and greater ones. i'm still chasing my own dreams. i've given up nearly EVERYTHING i have for this dream and i have no regrets, but even if i COULD put someone on a fast track, why would i? don't you want to earn it? don't you want to build an empire? this goes for more than just bands. people in everyday life want everything and everything handed to them. knowledge is power. it holds keys to all the doors. if there's one thing you need in this world besides knowledge, it's imagination. it's ok to ask questions. learn. apply. don't ask for "the fish". protect and prepare yourselves. someone will always be there to help. i know i always will, just as so many were for me. dream impossible, work hard and chase those dreams, and remember it's ok to ask for advice or help once in a while. (that said, the first time you ignore advice, get burned, don't expect to keep coming back.) be respecful of people and their accomplishments and work hard for yourself. the world will work it out. much love to you all. have fun out there. laugh, learn, love and LIVE.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Finally home for a hot second. I can't express how much leaving this place has made me miss and love it. The album is coming along great and I'm thankful everyday that I get to play drums, travel and create/inspire as a profession. Being home reminds me of growing up and dreaming of the seemingly impossible. All the things I never noticed that subconsciously influenced my future. The little things that were instilled in me at such a young age that now are the pillars of my personality and life. My work ethic, respect of elders, superiors, and peers; getting up and appreciating the sunrise or a walk in the rain.... The small things that we forget. This is where I learned to dream and work hard, the two biggest contributing factors to everything I do. Spending time with family and talking about past, present and future, expressing my dreams and future plans, always learning. It's great to be home. Family is a strong part of my love and determination. They've always been there for me. Thank you. Speaking of, time to go hang with my mommy, visit my grandma and cool for the auntie. Go out and experience life, laugh, learn, love, live.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


today has been pretty fantastic. lots of great things happening in my world; hockey began today, drums are finished on all 14 songs, management is here and loves the new songs (that never happens haha), had a double dose of crossfit WODs today (Helen and Grace), things are going well. it's a great reassurance that if you work hard and fight for what you believe in, things will EVENTUALLY start going well. we all face dark and hard times, just keep grinding! that said, i know a huge reinforcement of my upbeat and positive attitude is attributed to dreaming, chasing those dreams, and staying healthy. when i exercise physically and challenge myself mentally, i feel the most satisfied. it's a constant challenge - work - get better - win philosophy. i love waking up, getting into a workout, reading about happening and news in my general interests and staying on the contant movement of learning. to me it is my drive and inspiration to stay working and stay happy. i wish you all the best, i strongly recommend taking part in daily exercise, reading, and dreaming. chase your dreams. don't ever give up. time to watch some NHL - GO WINGS.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

01.17.2013 CONSUMERS.

woke up today to multiple great texts/emails. not a better way to start the day than reading or hearing good news before i'm even out of bed. most of it was related to dreams of mine and my loved ones. i can't say enough how excited i get when i see people chasing and succeeding their dreams. when you love something so much and you've given up SO much for it, then the payoff... such an awesome feeling.
after waking up i embarked on a little personal adventure today, walking around downtown Chicago and enjoying the view of Lake Michigan. something to be said about getting away, surrounding yourself with good vibes and listening to some awesome music. todays collection: Kanye West Pandora, gearing towards his 808's and Heartbreaks album. artists like Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, Maroon 5, Kanye, The Fray... definitely one of (if not) my favorite genres. it got me thinking about my love for music all over again and why i do what i do.
i frequently will, for no reason, challenge myself intellectually to question things i see/read/believe in. today, i found myself discussing (with myself) how music is recently so different than other forms of art. when you look at a painting, you don't always, or maybe ever, hope for it to be repetitive, patterned or predictable. why do people want music that is all those things? the same drum beat, a repeated chorus, the same song, played the same way over and over.... i'm not saying i'm anti these traits at times either. but why have we created so many "rules" to popular music. seems sad. you have to play the same drum beat for every verse? for ever chorus? it needs to have some uniformity? unless you're in a prog or math-music band and you're goal is to constantly challenge yourself at all times. but why can't i just "jam" on a song. play what i feel. record it that way, play it different every night, just let me breath. something to think about. art and today's consumption of art, and most things, have become so watered down. we don't want to THINK about anything. just consume. food, beer, wine, music... we want it faster and cheaper... but what about better? what about quality and art and not following the same path, everyday, just being a sheep to EVERYthing. i understand conformity is neccessary in life, but not for EVERYthing ALL the time. think about it a little. challenge yourself. SLOW DOWN and laugh, learn, love and live.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 16. 2013. Finished. Moving On.

today was a monumental day for me personally. for year i've given everything i have in me to chase a dream. i've sold literally everything i own, left my family, friends and past relationships behind. i've missed weddings, births, deaths, parties, birthdays and graduations. i've suffered blisters, broken fingers, and bloody 'everything'. i've given this dream all i have. and i'll continue to do so... but today was a huge step towards that dream. today i finished laying the drum tracks on the new Pop Evil album.
this is the first place i met with the band after "joining". today is a huge step in making my presence felt and known in this band. i never really felt not a part, but this takes my love and dedication to a whole new level. i'll be able to walk into Best Buys, etc, and look and see an album there that i played on. i made noise, wrote and worked HARD on. it's a huge feeling of accomplishment for me.
being in a band, especially a touring band, is NOT easy. on top of all the stuff i have previously mentioned, we have to get along haha. imagine having 10 people living in your house. now make your house the size of a school bus. now take away the privacy of your own room. take away ALL privacy. now spend 300+ days a year in that home. that's what we do... and i love it. this is my dream. and i will not stop until i've reached my goal(s), and when i do, i'll already have new ones set and be in stride chasing them. i'll never quit, i'll never give up. today is one big step in accomplishing a large part of my goal(s). life is great. Laugh, Learn, Love, and LIVE. don't ever EVER give up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 15 2013. Back at it

after an awesome weekend, we're back at it in the studio. we watched lots of football and most importantly, spent some time with close friends and family. when you choose a path like the one i live, it can get lonely. it can feel like people that once mattered forget you when you're not around, and the people that now seem to care don't really know the real "me". it can get difficult. old friends get jealous, start their own lives and/or just get caught up in their own dreams and lives. you have to be happy for them, but you might miss what you once had. i try to always remember, in any circumstance, living in the past will get you nowhere but lost in the future. the present will pass you buy and you'll miss out on so many great opportunities. digging up the past always gets you dirty.
it's important to not only keep your eyes forward, but to keep setting new goals as you achieve previous ones. they won't all be easy. some may never be accomplished, but that's ok. keep working. set new goals. you'll grow and learn and change, so should your goals. 
i'm blessed to have a close group of friends and family that continue to always support me in every aspect of the word. no matter how long i'm gone for, how often i call, how often we get to spend time together; when i do call, they always answer. they'll drop everything for a sandwich or a cold beer. having people like that in my life makes me stronger. it's a network that is always there reinforcing me and my dreams. no matter WHAT happens, win or lose, they love me. that's a huge part of who i am and why i am the way i am. i feel free to dream, try, jump, leap and fall... because no matter what, i am loved and supported. be this friend to someone else. surround yourself with these people. no matter how trivial or how badly you might not want to listen to someone "complain" it's what friends do. love and support each other. it's a cold world out there. we don't have to face it alone. much love those spreading the love, support and strength allowing me to laugh, learn, love and live. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jan 12 2013 - studio

today has been great already. i'm in a steady rhythm of my day to day, which i like. i love waking up regardless of where i am and having a productive start. wake up early, morning shake, morning cardio, breakfast, shower, then whatever i may have planned for the day. usually, this consists of email, twitter, facebook, PM workout, drumming, reading, walks around whatever city i'm in and of course, listening to music. today happened to be a beautiful 5mi run to lake michigan and the adler planetarium. such a view... listening to music helps reinforce a great lesson that i am a firmly believer of - keep an open mind... about everything/everyone. i love music of ALL genres (obviously i don't LOVE every artist). it all depends on my mood at that exact minute. this is a great way to view life too. i like to keep an open mind about people. color, race, religion, background, financial situation, those things don't define you. they may have a major influence on who you are, but i always like to at least find out. people are interesting. every one has such a unique and special story. i love it.
i apply this same open mind to food. i'll try anything at LEAST once, and i mean anything. craziest thing i've ever eat... probably the Filipino delicacy, beluit. (google THAT). i apply this thought to beers, new cars, new places, cities, bands... whatever i come across. TRY IT. give it a chance. doesn't mean you like it, but what IF you do. this theory kind of brought me to the thought of finding things you don't like which lead me to the idea of making mistakes. i think it's truly important to remember that EVERYone makes mistakes, and it's ok to, as long as you learn from them. this also ties in with losing, it's ok to lose or "fail" as long as you work harder, get better, and come back again even stronger! take a second to try some new things, keep an open mind, make mistakes and always remember that life is always better when you laugh, learn, love, and live it. much love.