Saturday, January 19, 2013


today has been pretty fantastic. lots of great things happening in my world; hockey began today, drums are finished on all 14 songs, management is here and loves the new songs (that never happens haha), had a double dose of crossfit WODs today (Helen and Grace), things are going well. it's a great reassurance that if you work hard and fight for what you believe in, things will EVENTUALLY start going well. we all face dark and hard times, just keep grinding! that said, i know a huge reinforcement of my upbeat and positive attitude is attributed to dreaming, chasing those dreams, and staying healthy. when i exercise physically and challenge myself mentally, i feel the most satisfied. it's a constant challenge - work - get better - win philosophy. i love waking up, getting into a workout, reading about happening and news in my general interests and staying on the contant movement of learning. to me it is my drive and inspiration to stay working and stay happy. i wish you all the best, i strongly recommend taking part in daily exercise, reading, and dreaming. chase your dreams. don't ever give up. time to watch some NHL - GO WINGS.

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  1. I like what you said about chasing our dreams and working hard. So I wanted to share one of my dreams. If I already shared this with you please forgive me for sharing again. I've reported concerts with my 21 year old son for three years and I thought of an idea which is now one of my many dreams. Doing this gave me an idea. "Concert Photographer Reality Show" So now that I published the idea I'm following up on the rest of it. Creating the format/script for the show. This give bands 10x the publicity that they have now even new bands just starting out. This is one of my dreams the other is to start a Beatnick Cafe in South Haven some day where people can go on stage do poetry, art and bands get exposure. Life is too short to hold back and not share. Take care my friend.