Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 15 2013. Back at it

after an awesome weekend, we're back at it in the studio. we watched lots of football and most importantly, spent some time with close friends and family. when you choose a path like the one i live, it can get lonely. it can feel like people that once mattered forget you when you're not around, and the people that now seem to care don't really know the real "me". it can get difficult. old friends get jealous, start their own lives and/or just get caught up in their own dreams and lives. you have to be happy for them, but you might miss what you once had. i try to always remember, in any circumstance, living in the past will get you nowhere but lost in the future. the present will pass you buy and you'll miss out on so many great opportunities. digging up the past always gets you dirty.
it's important to not only keep your eyes forward, but to keep setting new goals as you achieve previous ones. they won't all be easy. some may never be accomplished, but that's ok. keep working. set new goals. you'll grow and learn and change, so should your goals. 
i'm blessed to have a close group of friends and family that continue to always support me in every aspect of the word. no matter how long i'm gone for, how often i call, how often we get to spend time together; when i do call, they always answer. they'll drop everything for a sandwich or a cold beer. having people like that in my life makes me stronger. it's a network that is always there reinforcing me and my dreams. no matter WHAT happens, win or lose, they love me. that's a huge part of who i am and why i am the way i am. i feel free to dream, try, jump, leap and fall... because no matter what, i am loved and supported. be this friend to someone else. surround yourself with these people. no matter how trivial or how badly you might not want to listen to someone "complain" it's what friends do. love and support each other. it's a cold world out there. we don't have to face it alone. much love those spreading the love, support and strength allowing me to laugh, learn, love and live. 


  1. Right on man keep chopping and so will I . :) life is short.

  2. You are doing it the right way!! I am proud of you.

  3. Miss you sweetie but I know I'll see you soon whether it's at your next concert, your book signing, your ribbon cutting at the opening of your sandwich/microbrewery shop, you motivational speech or where ever your dreams take you. Love you.